Download this document to see the topics that have been asked in the last 5 years of Edexcel GCSE SHP exams

GCSE Germany 1918-1945 Revision video and podcasts

You can now download the Living Essay (13mb) 'Did Stresemann solve the problems facing the Weimar Republic?'

Add your ideas to the sources about the Nazi rise to power shown on this Voicethread website

Listen to the student podcasts about the Reichstag Fire, Enabling Act and the Night of the Long Knives Lukas & Justin Aaron, Ashley & Joe Cameron & Dean Jerome & Abdul Suraj &John and John & Muhammed

Check out these revision films from Mr Portman's collection:

Early problems in Weimar

Stresemann and the recovery of Germany 1924 - 1929

  How Hitler became a dictator


and this film from YEPringles about the Church and the Nazis:

and you can click on this link for a film about Hyperinflation or watch this one from lozc07: